PPP is dance No. 2
Monday July 23rd. 7pm
oakland, california
@ Ellen Webb’s studio

Solo solos, simultaneous solos, duets, group performance, and other by:
Alek Trail
Justin Morrison
Liz Tenuto
Sam Stone
Jen Hoff
Madison Palffy

We want to have performance in Oakland. As dancers, we want space for dance to happen, so we are hosting an evening of performance, and we hope you can be there. Collaboration through Juxtaposition Confrontation Emulation Ignorance and/or Contingency. Reperformance. Deperformance. Pseudo-, anti-, and total dance. Suck marrow. Blow minds. Incarnate our networkth. Admission is a non-monetary donation to the free bar where everyone eats and drinks for free. It’ll be cosy. Bring your crew. PPP is a performance series / a historical process / what we have been waiting for.