You are cordially invited to:

SALTA presents July Dance House

Wednesday July 30th, 2014
at Pearl House
3911 Clarke St., Oakland, CA

Overlapping + simultaneous performance + sound in a house by:

Brianna Skellie
Clare Kelly (LA)
Crystal Sasaki
Elaine Kahn
Ethan Cowan
The Third Thing
Jeremy Dalmas
Jsun Parizo
Stranger Lover Dreamer
+queer astrology readings by Anders Renee
+make out durational installation

DJ Stylings by Kit Clayton!

ADMISSION IS A NON-MONETARY DONATION to the FREE BOUTIQUE & BAR where everyone eats, drinks and shops for free. Bring something special like : poetry books, cherries, avocados, sponge cake, summer beer, mugs, crop tops, riot grrrl zines...

It will be cozy. Bring your crew.

SALTA is a performance series / a dance collective / a historical process / what we have been waiting for.

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