You are cordially invited to:

anti-boredom, pro-party curation clusterfuck event situation

Friday September 26th
at LoBot: 1800 Campbell Street, Oakland
nearest BART: West Oakland
doors 7:30, event situation promptly at 8:00

Do you like to party?
Do you make fly dance pieces but no one ever asks you to show them?
Have you been to a magic event that you always wanted to try to recreate?
Do you come to performance events and feel depressed, but also reserve some sort of space in your heart for the possibility that one dance may turn over the table of your life?
Are you bored and/or weirded out by performances you’ve seen in Oakland?
Do you know that the etymology ‘curate’ means both to take care and to poison?

On Friday September 26th, SALTA would like to open up our decision making process to you all. At this event, we invite any and everyone to help plan SALTA’s October event. Together, we will decide on:
a) a free venue for dance in Oakland
b) a date in October
c) a format for the evening
d) people to show work.

It will be a time to make suggestions, call people on the phone, hammer out details, and also a time reflect on performance in the bay area, what we want, what’s missing. We hope that by inviting others into our curatorial process we can also invite a decentering of our all white, cis-female, brunette collective voices.

We will use every facilitation style we/you can think of: hand signal consensus process, quaker meeting style, mega shit show free for all. We will have giant pieces of butcher paper and big markers. We will have ladders of differing heights and large bowls of spiked punch. Piñatas constructed by famous child artists.

We hope that serious differences in aesthetic values and/or fist fights emerge.
We hope that the room achieves complete and total consensus.

We will screen Peter Max Lawrence's film (ominis amor)

Come prepared.
Bring your dreamiest dreams and your favorite choreographer no one has heard of yet. Bring drinks for the free bar and stuff for the free boutique.

This is going to be a PARTY!
& when it’s all gone down we can all dance our asses off
with DJs RAAA & more ++