You are cordially invited to:


Friday April 25
9:30pm SHARP
at The Speakeasy
604 56th Street, Oakland, CA

SALTA has just returned from our East Coast tour and all we want to do is have a party with you in Oakland! There will be dancing. There are rules. Tyler Holmes and SALTA will DJ booty jams.


1. The party starts at 9:30pm. You must arrive ON TIME. Don't even consider being late !
2. NO TALKING for the first 45 minutes. Look at people, drink drinks, eat snacks, listen to music but MAKE NO SOUND !
3. NO external communication, phones, or photography !
4. ATTIRE: a secret treasure from the back of your closet that you haven't worn in a long time / ever !
5. Bring fancy FOOD or DRINK for the FREE BAR. Suggestions: mescal, prosecco, sparkling water, dark chocolate, olives !

in the words of Yackez:
"Get an Education
Shake your ASS
Get mad at the Government
It's Party Time"

SALTA is a performance series / a historical process / a dance collective / what we have been waiting for.