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SALTA is Timeless Infinite Light

January 29th
8pm - 10pm
@ Lobot Gallery
1800 Campbell St, Oakland, CA 94607

SALTA is collaborating with the Oakland-based small press Timeless Infinite Light ~

we are conceiving of the night as a collision/communion of dance & poetry. we are inviting poets who verge on dance, dancers who verge on poetry, and people working in some indefinable way between and among the two. floating on ideas of translation and transcription -- both the performers' and the audience's role in these (intentional and unintentional) acts.

featuring works by:

Emji & Joel
Margit Galanter with Philip Huang
Leslie Castellano
Dream Tigers (Angel Dominguez + Hannah Kezema)
Jai Arun Ravine
Sueyeun Juliette Lee

& live poetry transcription by:

Alana Siegel
David Buuck
Lehua Taitano
Michelle Puckett

+++ and more !

admission is food for the Free Bar & unwanted household items for the Free Boutique. suggestions include: seasonal hot veg, tattered chapbooks, oil paints, mesh tank tops, extra scoby, vintage jewelry, lip stains